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There will be problems as long as there are other people.

If we are growing or achieving, there will be other people that appear to be in the way. Success may be a lot like driving your vehicle on a busy road. “Other people” always wanting the quick way ahead by cutting you off or pulling ahead of you and they don’t realize they will still be only a few feet ahead at the next traffic jam.

In life, too many people try to put others down because they think that builds them up. They do not realize it only creates their own suffering and their own lack of accomplishment. If we would concentrate on building ourselves, creating achievement instead of bringing others down, we grow internally. As we grow internally, we learn more about who we are and what we can do.

Continue being positive, listen to motivational tapes or positive videos every morning. If we talk bad about others or search for something wrong, we become one of those other people. When we are holding our cell phone to our ear while driving or talking negatively about someone or slowing someone else down, we are one of the other people.

Again, there will be problems as long as there are other people but let's not be one of those other people. We can grow beyond the negativity that other people create. Be the self you want to be and live the self you want; don’t let other people redefine you by copying what other people do.

Don’t be one of those “other people!”

Life is good until you make it great! Make yours great starting today by living your life through positive achievements.
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Did you know excellence is created through passion? It cannot be created through anger, fighting or hate. We must continue building our passion through communicating our heart’s strongest desire, our true passions. Passion wins for all.

Anger, fighting and hate is a loss of self-control and only makes a person feel like a winner because they hurt another! Do we think anyone ever wins by hurting someone else?

Show your positive passion to end verbal and physical abuse at home, the office and everywhere we go!!!

Positive Passion Promotes People!

I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!
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I hope your New Year is starting off as great as you planned.

2018 is Our Year to build and grow based on all our learnings from the previous years.

Communication is key - think of the New Year as The KICKOFF!
The Key Is Communication Knowledge On Focused Fulfillment©

We all need to learn to clarify and confirm what others are saying to us. You may have Communication Knowledge but does the person that is trying to communicate with you know how to communicate clearly?

If we do not fully understand, ask for clarity! We can all learn to understand what others are saying instead of assuming and just nodding our head in agreement. It is my fault if I do not clarify!

KICK - Key Is Communication Knowledge
OFF - On Focused Fulfillment

Be focused on understanding even if they may only be focused on talking!

If you are not focused but you are ready to make 2018 your best year ever, please call and schedule an appointment today - 1-303-Focused (303-362-8733)
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