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Complimentary Session:  No charge

  • To request a free 20-minute complimentary session at my office, on the phone or Skype, please feel free to contact me at your earliest opportunity!

Individual Coaching on a per-hour basis

  • This service is provided for individuals who are ready to improve your life personally or professionally on a more ad hoc, impromptu or “play-by-play” basis.  We can resolve problems as they occur until you are ready for a cost-saving package, please feel free to schedule time with me as soon as possible.

Basic Coaching Package:   

  • Minimum three month commitment
  • 2 x 50 minute scheduled coaching sessions every month
  • One email supported after each session

Premier Coaching Package: 

  • Minimum three month commitment
  • 2 x 50 minute coaching session per month
  • Unlimited email support
  • Session preparation and follow-up
  • Access to proven resources and tools

Elite Coaching Package: 

  • Minimum three month commitment
  • 4 x 50 minute coaching sessions per month
  • Unlimited email support
  • Session preparation and follow-up
  • Access to proven resources and tools
  • Documents or materials reviewed as needed

Speaking charges are based on budget, event, times spoken and how we can assist each other in a multitude of possibilities. There is never a charge the first time I speak to a non-profit organization. I work with commercial and mental health organizations in low-cost events to help those in need based on prior written agreement.

Keynote speeches are $7,995 plus T&E unless reduced per contract agreement.  Master of Ceremonies and Product/Program Presentations are based on a per-event basis.

Individual Coaching can be based on sessions per month and amount of support/time requested.  Discounts are included for extended Coaching services.

Group coaching can be from five (5) to fifteen (15) attendees pending length of session; additional attendees are at a per attendee cost not to exceed a total of 20 per group.  A larger group can impact one-on-one assistance during group sessions.

Workshop charges are based on planned attendance and can include a larger number of attendees than group coaching but are presentation based.  One-on-one assistance, discussions and/or support can limited during workshops based on time requested.

All in-office sessions are by appointment only.

I hope your New Year is starting off as great as you planned.

2018 is Our Year to build and grow based on all our learnings from the previous years.

Communication is key - think of the New Year as The KICKOFF!
The Key Is Communication Knowledge On Focused Fulfillment©

We all need to learn to clarify and confirm what others are saying to us. You may have Communication Knowledge but does the person that is trying to communicate with you know how to communicate clearly?

If we do not fully understand, ask for clarity! We can all learn to understand what others are saying instead of assuming and just nodding our head in agreement. It is my fault if I do not clarify!

KICK - Key Is Communication Knowledge
OFF - On Focused Fulfillment

Be focused on understanding even if they may only be focused on talking!

If you are not focused but you are ready to make 2018 your best year ever, please call and schedule an appointment today - 1-303-Focused (303-362-8733)
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Our number 1 resolution for 2018 is to end anger and hate in our families, schools, at the office and at every event we attend.

Stop fighting, if you must fight for it, you are in the wrong place.

We have heard it all our life and we need to hear it again and again. “Believe in yourself!” Believe in your passion but stop the fighting.

Anytime we fight, there is a conflict; someone else is involved negatively or there wouldn’t be a fight. Yes, there are many times when we need to work harder, train more, overcome a personal struggle, put in the extra hours and truly drive for success but stop the fight.

Fighting creates more anger and hate and those are two of the top 5 issues creating the violent world we live in America, and around the world, today.

Yes, it may be true that a “boxing match” may not be what is meant when someone says, “fight for it” but, too many times, we justify the word "fight" when we use it in that format. We need to “Stop fighting, start achieving, start driving forward with desire and passion for success without someone else required to lose.”

We need to want it, drive for it, enhance your passions to achieve your goal, your objective, through commitment and, again, stop fighting. We need to take the word “fight” out of our vocabulary.

Once you stop the fight, you can win every time.

Every fight has a loser. There is never a loser when you are driving for your passion unless you quit or give up. If you don’t truly want it enough or desire it enough, it is easy to quit. Drive your passion and success forward without bringing someone else down.

End the fighting, make your life great today by putting your true desires, passions and wants as your top priority; make those positive desires, passions and wants the reason you take that next step forward!

If you need assistance, help or support in learning to "drive your passion to success" instead of "fighting to create a loser," please feel free to contact me today.

Thank you.
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